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The Ultimate Downton Abbey Tour

2 Days of Downton Fun


Your day starts with being collected from your Central London Hotel and we head out to The Cotswolds Villages. On route through London you will stop and your guide will show you various location of Downton London.

Arriving in the Cotswold’s mid- morning we will stop at the small village that became (Kirbymoorside) where Anna’s bus splashes through the stream outside the pub where Bates worked. We will also visit the pub where Branson and Lady Sybil stay when they elope in Series 2.

The star attraction of the morning will be visiting the Cotswold village that became the village of Downton. Your Guide will give you a guided tour of the village, where you will see the exteriors of familiar sites such as Downton hospital, 2 village pubs, the former home of Matthew Crawley and the local church, where all the weddings and funerals took place. We will visit inside the church (providing the church has no services on) There will be time for you to explore the village for yourself as well. From here we visit Yew Tree Farm from the series. The farm was used as the home of Mr Drewe, the tenant who agrees to help raise Lady Edith’s daughter without anyone knowing. Your guide will give you a short private tour of the grounds and the locations.

Leaving the farm behind we head off cross country to have lunch then it is on to Highclere Castle. Upon arrival at the castle your guide will get your tickets and your signed books for you and explain everything there is to know about the castle, its history its owners and its part in Downton Abbey.
Tea at the castle is an option that you may wish to try before we return to London for the day. Once back in London your guide will show you some more locations of Downton in London before finishing at your hotel.


Leaving London today in a different direction we head off into the countryside. We drive to the location that became the Workhouse for Charles Grigg, Carson’s old working partner. It was also used in several other scenes that your guide will explain to you. From here we are off to our next destination and it is “All Aboard” our wonderful Steam Train to have Lunch. We arrive at our starting point and have a drink in before boarding the train
Sit back and relax as you are taking on a restored Victorian steam train through the countryside. During this nostalgic trip you will be served a countryside favourite Ploughmans Lunch.

The train makes several stops and one station will be just for you. At this stop you will be able to get photos of the station where Matthew goes off to war, Richard Carlisle’s proposal to Mary, a very pregnant Mary urgently needing to go to hospital, and where Mr Carson reconciling with Charles Clegg before he goes off to Ireland. Not bad for one station. 

After the journey we head back to London and carry on viewing the London Locations. Besides the film sites you will see how the rich would shop, relax, dine and live. See where lady Grantham would shop for clothes and visit the shops where Lord Grantham would purchase clothing for the Hunting weekends. Your tour will show you a London as you have never seen it before. 

There are so many surprises on this this tour it is too good to miss. Follow the footsteps of the landed gentry and see the restaurants they would visit, the areas where they lived, and the Clubs they belonged to. During the tour see where Harold, the 'maverick playboy' son of Martha (Shirley MacLaine) and brother to Cora, played by Elizabeth McGovern, sat and enjoyed their London picnic.

Visit sites that were used in the first and second series, and Matthew Crawley's work place. Stroll along the pathway where Lady Mary Lady Rosamund walk and talk and where did Anna visit to find out information about bates View the London family home (exterior only) and learn some secrets regarding the making of the series.

See the building that became Buckingham Palace, the registry office where Rose MacClare married Atticus Aldridge, the Grand Hotel Entrance plus the Embassy Club and the Lotus Club. This tour will show it all to you.


Price 2 days tours £1200.00 per taxi up to 5 people
Extras Highclere Castle Tickets
Lunches, Teas
Train Tickets and lunch

DISCLAIMER: This tour is an unlicensed and unauthorised tour of sites featured in the television series ‘Downton Abbey’ produced by Carnival Film and Television and NBCUniversal International Limited. Capital Taxi Tours Ltd and this tour does not have any association with, or connection to, the television series ‘Downton Abbey’, Carnival Film and Television or NBCUniversal International Limited.

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