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London’s Original Black Taxi Ghost Tour

FUN WARNING:  Please count the number of people in your party each time you leave and return to the Taxi as we have collected the odd spirit from time to time on this tour.
In fact your guide will tell you the story of the Old Lady ghost that has travelled in thousands of London Taxis for the past 100 years (and never paid the fare).

This tour is a family friendly tour. Taxis are supplied by the Ghostly London Taxi Company taking you on a guided Tour that is the most spooky and fun filled experience that you'll never forget. London has the unique reputation of being the world's most haunted city and you get a chance to see and hear about it on this tour.

A chilling journey through the most haunted parts of London from the luxury of your Iconic London Taxi. Your driver & Registered Guide will collect you from your hotel and transport you to the most gruesome ghostly corners of the city. On this tour you will hear tales of lifeless corpses, lonely ghosts, headless beings and the sinister undead. You will have time to leave the safety of your Taxi and venture down spooky alleyways for photographs-if you dare. You will hear stories of such ghostly apparitions as The Man in Grey, Kasper the Cat, the phantom Landlord, The Murdered Actor, Percy the Poltergeist, Scratching Fanny, plus lots more. We of course will see the most haunted house in London and the most hidden Pub, along with the most haunted Church. Stop outside the most haunted theatre in London.

Hear the stories of mice and insects living in people’s hair, and whilst talking about hair there is the terror tale of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street!
You will hear tales of ghostly screams that never stop, headless figures, footsteps heard through the passageways and corridors of buildings. Tales of the body snatchers abound on this tour. We visit the spot where the dead walk again, say hello to a Roman ghost, a Victorian lady and no tour like this is complete unless you stand in the DEAD CENTRE of the CITY literally.

You will also see what is claimed as England's most haunted building. You will hear all these fascinating tales of ghosts, ghouls, sightings of Orbs and things that go bump in the night on this spine tingling, spooky spirited, meander through London. Your guide will retell you stories of haunted London from the plague victims, actors, old ladies, nobility, murderers, their hauntings will definitely captivate your imagination.

After all these close encounters you may need a stiff drink so we finish by leaving you outside a 300 year old pub (haunted of course)


Tour duration 3 hours
Price £310.00 per taxi up to 5 people

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